About Us

Shades of Benares is an online marketplace offering authentic Benarasi products, aiming to connect customers directly to traditional silk textiles in India and highlight the artwork of Benarasi artisans globally. The platform provides a range of designer items and collections at pocket-friendly prices, with a focus on reinvigorating old traditions and supporting artisans.




Mrigank Krishn GDiscover Banarasi sarees, suits, dupattas, and more at wholesale rates from Shades of Benares by founder Mrigank Gupta.upta, a Business Management Graduate and a Supply Chain Professional founded Shades of Benares with his prior experience in distribution domain. His main objective to undertake this initiative was to provide traditional and authentic Banarasi textiles at reasonable costs compared to its market value by eradicating middlemen and linking consumers with producers. His entrepreneurial passion and families’ experience in this domain for more than past 50 years helped him in effectively converting his ideas into a textile E-Commerce platform.



CA Stuti Agrawal, a Chartered Accountant by profession, had always possessed a deep passion for the traditional art and craft of her hometown, Benares. Despite her successful career in finance, her heart yearned to preserve and promote black designer banarasi silk sareethe exquisite heritage of Benares through its unique designs and materials.

One day, while walking through the bustling streets of Benares, she stumbled upon a small, forgotten workshop. Inside, she discovered a group of skilled artisans creating stunning handwoven fabrics and intricate designs. Inspired by their craftsmanship, she envisioned a way to bring Shades Of Benares to greater heights.

With her expertise in finance and a burning desire to support local artisans, she embarked on a new journey. She collaborated with the artisans, providing them with modern design techniques and business strategies to showcase their traditional art in a contemporary light.

Through her dedication and hard work,she introduced the world to a mesmerizing collection of fabrics, each telling a story of Benares' rich cultural heritage. Her unique designs and materials captivated the hearts of people globally, and Shades Of Benares became a symbol of elegance and tradition.

Her vision and determination not only brought recognition to the artisans of Benares but also uplifted the entire community. The once-forgotten workshop transformed into a thriving hub of creativity and innovation, empowering the artisans to preserve their age-old craft while embracing modern trends.

As Shades Of Benares continued to flourish, Stuti Agrawal's name became synonymous with the revival of traditional art. Her journey from a Chartered Accountant to a visionary entrepreneur was a testament to the power of passion and dedication in preserving cultural heritage.

In the end, her legacy was not just about financial success but about the invaluable impact she made in preserving the soul of Benares through her unique designs and materials.



What We DO!

At Shades Of Benares, We Get Weaved The Authentic Banarasi Sarees, Suits, Dupattas, Stoles, Fabrics And Much More From Various Weavers Across The City Who Have Expertise In Weaving From Years And Are Continuously Weaving This Tradition And Unmatched Piece Of Art.



The Products Displayed On The Website Are Continuously Getting Weaved By Us, So Whenever You Order You Will Get A Newly Weaved Product