India is known for its traditions and culture all over the globe. Traditional wear is only something that recognizes Indian beauty and makes it unique from other countries

satin silk sarees

satin silk sarees

across the world. The craftsmanship with which artisans create traditional dresses is really incredible. All types of traditional dress are made with full of expertise and keeping india culture and traditions in mind. As each state in India is geologically unique in relation to the next, this has offered ascend to differed sorts of dresses and styles. Traditional wear has been always a specialty and uniqueness of Indians which has been admired by all over the world.

When we talk about Indian traditional wear, we come across variety of dresses with different style, pattern, design and look. Whether its saree, salwar suit, lehenga or any other traditional wear that symbolizes indian culture and tradition, all has their own beauty which enhances the personality of any human across world.

Traditional dresses are made with amazing fabrics which makes the dresses unique yet comfortable. When we talk about material and fabrics of dresses we have numbers of fabrics which are popular after the name of Indian cities and states, throughout the world.

Banarasi silk: talking about banarasi silk fabric, this is kind of silk fabric which is famous because of the city banaras. It has unbelievable popularity all over the world. This fabric is

arni silk saree

banarasi silk saree


mostly wore by the ladies on their special occasion like wedding ceremony, devotional funtions etc.

Kashmiri Silk: Kashmiri silk is another most demanded fabric all over the world. It has amazing texture and softness which makes it different from other fabrics. It’s been manufactured in Kashmir and exported all across the world.

Rajasthani ghagra – choli: Ghagra – choli also known as lehenga is the dress that was believed to define Indian values completely. Not only in Rajasthan but also in Gujarat.  Lehenga- the ‘Ghagra Choli’ with an ‘Odhni’ or dupatta describes the traditions of India from a very long time till today. Even today in some parts of India women still wears

minu lehenga

banarasi silk lehenga

ghagra – choli with odhni (dupatta) and still consider it as their daily wear dress. During the times of the Nawabs in Lucknow the ‘Sharara’ or ‘Gharara’ was born which was influenced by the ‘Ghagra Choli’. Today many brides wear lehenga on their special day as a symbol of Indian traditions and culture.

These traditional wear keeps us attached to our culture and traditions, and help us to keep our ancestors roots alive. Today, traditional dress are famous and are demanded  by people all over the world.