Chiffon is a fabric known for its unadulterated quality of fabric.

It is a lightweight plain-woven fabric with mesh like weave that gives it a transparent appearance. The word “Chiffon” has a French origin which means a ‘cloth’. It is primarily made from cotton, silk or synthetic fibers like nylon, rayon and polyester. It is most commonly used to weave Sarees, Dresses and Scarves.

The fabric was made exclusively with Silk until Nylon was invented in 1938. After the introduction of Polyester fabric in 1958, the polyester chiffon blend became more popular because of its durability and economic viability.

The most significant advantage of the chiffon sarees lies in reality that the saree doesn’t crease and holds its clean shape during the day.

Chiffon material are Indian women’s favourite fabric to choose as a saree as it is not very expensive and convenient to wash.They come in different colours and combinations to suit the choice of every woman.The fabric adds shimmer and texture to the overall appearance of the sarees.

Chiffon sarees can be worn in winters with a velvet blouse (of the same or contrast colour) which will keep you warm and cosy yet gives it a stylish look. They can also be paired up with Silk blouses with intricate work or  Blouses with embellishments to enhance the look of the saree and give it an exquisite and different vibe all together to rock the wedding.

Bollywood cinema has long been a patron of Chiffon and the beautiful sarees have been an integral part of Bollywood’s fashion for decades. It has been a favorite among the yesteryear divas like Rekha and Hema Malini to the current beauties Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif.