Banaras is famous because of many historically ironic places. One of them is banarasi Ghats. Banaras also known as Varanasi or kashi has 88 Ghats which will not be seen in any other city throughout the world. Ghats of Varanasi is leading the steps in front of the river GANGA. All 88 Ghats are connected to each other and all of them have different names which are on the history of that particular Ghat.


People can travel and watch the beauty of all the Ghats by travelling through the boat which starts from assi Ghat which is 1 st Ghat of all, and ends at rajGhat, 83th Ghat which is the last Ghat that ends infront of the river. With continuation we have 5 more Ghats which are Adi Keshava Ghat, Sant Ravidas Ghat, Nishad Ghat (divided from Prahalada), Rani Ghat, Shri Panch Agni Akhara Ghat.


All the Ghats have their own beauty and history which segregates them with each other. These Ghats are also known as one of the purest and holy place to visit in all over world. It’s said that once you visit ganga in Varanasi all your bad karma will be resolved. And this holy river calls every person whether you are alive or dead.


All the Ghats are connected from Assi Ghat but they are basically distributed and situated in various locations in kashi (Varanasi). Every Ghat is located in different areas of Varanasi, still connected to each other is the unusual beauty of these Ghats.


The name of all the Ghats  are listed below:

Assi Ghat

Jain Ghat

Gularia Ghat

Ganga Mahal Ghat

Nishad Ghat

Dandi Ghat

Rewa (Reewa Ghat)

Prabhu Ghat

Hanuman Ghat

Tulsi Ghat

Panchkota Ghat

Prachina Hanumana

Bhadaini Ghat

Chet Singh Ghat

Karnataka Ghat

Janaki Ghat

Niranjani Ghat

Harish Chandra Ghat

Mata Anandamai Ghat

Mahanirvani Ghat

Lali Ghat

Vaccharaja Ghat

Shivala Ghat

Vijayanagaram Ghat

Kedar Ghat

Phuta/ Naya Ghat

Brahma Ghat

Caowki (Chauki) Ghat

Nepali Ghat

Bundi Parakota

Somesvara Ghat

Lalita Ghat

Adi Sitala Ghat

Mansarovar Ghat

Amroha Ghat

Lal Ghat

Narad Ghat

Jalasen (Jalasayi) Ghat


Raja Ghat

Khirki Gate

Gaya/Gai Ghat

Khori Ghat

Manikarnika Ghat

Badri Nayarana

Pandey Ghat

Bajirao Ghat

Trilochan Ghat

Sarvesvara Ghat

Scindhia Ghat

Gola Ghat

Digpatia Ghat

Sankatha Ghat

Nandu Ghat

Causatthi Ghat

Ganga Mahal Ghat (II)

Sakka Ghat

Rana Mahal Ghat

Bhonsale Ghat

Telianala Ghat

Dharbhanga Ghat

Naya Ghat

Naya/Phuta Ghat

Munshi Ghat

Genesa Ghat

Prahalada Ghat

Ahilyabai Ghat

Mehta Ghat


Sitala Ghat

Rama Ghat

Adi Keshava Ghat

Dashashwamedh Ghat

Jatara Ghat

Sant Ravidas Ghat

Prayag Ghat

Raja Gwalior Ghat

Nishad Ghat

Rajendra Prasad Ghat

Mangala Gauri Ghat

Rani Ghat

Man Mandir Ghat

Venimadhava Ghat

Shri Panch Agni

Tripura Bhairavi Ghat

Pancaganga Ghat

Mir (Meer) Ghat

Durga Ghat


These are the ghats which are being worship by large number of devotes all over the world. Ghats are one of the important and holy place for every citizen of India. These are not just the beauty of the city but also the purest place where people can worship MAA GANGA. Every person in this world should once visit Kashi and to these Ghats to meet Maa Ganga.