If there’s one style which is constantly linked to Indian Fashion, is the Patiala suit. This is the oldest type of Indian Salwar Kameez. The design was designed in the former Patiala Kingdom in the state of Punjab.

Patiala is a loosely fitted pajama that has lots of pleats at the lowest part. Virtually twice the amount of cloth is needed to sew this as opposed to the typical Indian Salwar Kameez. The pleats are sewn in a manner that they bump into the ankle. It is sewed with a gigantic amount of material and was designed by the great family of Punjab and also called as Patiala ‘Shahi’ salwar. The top and the accompanying Dupatta come in various designs, but it is the Salwar that makes the trademark look of Patialas.

The history of Patiala suit is as longstanding as the antiquity of salwar kameez of India. Earlier period, it was developed as the majestic dress by Nawab of Patiala. It  was infact declared as the Royal Dress. It was originally made in rich materials to lend them a regal touch and appearance. During those periods, Patiala was the costume of men. Afterward, with alteration in fashion and trends, it has entered the majority of women dress or fashion.

Patiala Suits has also been changed and modified with the changing of era and generations. Different trends have been welcomed by the people in their times and the pattern and designs are still modified with time.

Trends in Patiala suits are as follows:

Straight Cut

This is considered the most versatile forms of Patiala dress. And can select materials, styles of the outfit according to the occasion for which you like to wear.

Floor Length Style

This latest style is extremely common amongst the ladies. This style looks like a night gown as the upper part comes all the way to the ground or floor, however with a tribal twist. The chosen materials for such outfits are thick and heavy which take account of brocade, velvet, and organza. This kind of suit looks extremely elegant and classy, particularly with regards with a high neck, full sleeves as well as Patiala salwar.

Semi Patiala Suit

Semi Patiala’s are those that can take to wear with Patiala dress and which is ideal for daily use. It’s a semi-tight salwar with lesser flare. This best thing about this style is that it looks classy and posh with the Patiala suit. This is normally worn for evening parties as they add style and elegance.

All the trends and designs of Patiala suits are unique and gives elegant look to a women.  Patiala suits are evergreen and gives amazing in every colour.