Kadhwa Saree – The Hand Knitted Love - Shades Of Benares


Saree is the national dress of Indian women and has an indispensable influence on a woman’s life. They are the most well-known decision for Indian women and are favoured thinking about Indian qualities, ethos, and convention. Banaras is one of the most conspicuous focuses of silk handloom weaving in India. The most celebrated result of Banaras’s handlooms is the Banarasi silk saree, which is most sought after in weddings just as a marriage dress.

One of the many varieties of Banarasi Saree is Kadhwa Saree. Kadhwa stands for “kadha hua” or “embroidered”. A technique which requires each motif to be individually woven, results in a handloom masterpiece that appears embroidered or “kadha hua”. Each saree is woven by 2-3 weavers simultaneously in a traditional pit loom often taking almost 4-5 weeks to make just one fine piece of silk. These sarees offer declaration to the abilities and craftsmanship of the local skilled workers. These sarees are known for their fringe courses of action, wonderful plans, beautiful embroidery and intensely loaded zari work. Made in Banaras, craftsmen for the most part pay tribute to conventions and culture of the district with each stunning bit of the saree. These sarees are correct instances of aesthetic luxury and artfulness controlled by skilled workers in the area.

Kadhwa Saree is an exclusive technique of handloom weaving in Varanasi, and it is almost impossible to be imitated on power loom.

It is – “A labour of love, an extraordinary and enduring piece of art”.